First Benchmark test for Air iPad 2: chip A8X triple-core 1.5 GHz and with 2 GB of RAM

Although Apple has already presented the new chip A8X, and his power, Air iPad 2 during the media event last week, the California company has chosen, as usual, not to disclose the technical specifications of the new tablet. In view of this, some users have made ​​the first teardown, and so have revealed some features of the new Apple device signed.


Apple Allow Us To Control Our Car Through The iPhone

Now with our iPhone, we can do it all: after the latest news related to the control of the house with Home Kit and monitoring of our health Health in the new application, Apple is planning a new way for us to control our car.


Air iPad 2 and iPad 3 mini Available For Purchase At The Apple Store

After being offline for a few hours, the Apple Store is back online and as new features include the new Air iPad 2 and iPad Mini 3 available for purchase!


Apple Unveils New iPad Mini 3 With Touch ID and Also In Gold

Together with Air iPad 2, Apple also announced the new iPad 3 mini, now with Touch ID and also in Gold


Lenovo Continues To Copy iPhone 6 [Photo]

The boundary between copying and inspiration is really small. However, it is often difficult to believe in the good faith of the people, especially if the ultimate goal is profit. How to judge the "new design choices" of Lenovo?


Here's How To Greatly Reduce The Battery Consumption In Case Of Emergency [Guide]

Given the increasingly complex and increasingly large screens with increasing resolution, the battery life of the device is subjected to our tests always the hardest. As for the iPhone, the introduction of iOS 8 can give a useful tool to combat the depletion of your office. Here's how.


China Sold More Than 20 Million iPhone Between 6 And 6 Plus

According to the latest reports.china exceeded 20 million in sale iPhone 6 and 6 plus .



iTunes Store: Apple Starts Updating The Graphics

The testers who are using the pre-release version of iTunes 12 on OS X 10:10 Yosemite, will surely have noticed that something is changing. The design of the portal, it is updated to be more in line with iOS.


The Date Of Apple Next Event Which Will Release New iPad, New Retina iMac And OS X

Now, we can determine the date of Apple next event. Apple will hold an event on Thursday, October 16. According to industry experts, the California company almost certainly will present the new iPad, the long-awaited Retina iMac and will announce the official date of release OS X 10:10 Yosemite. Let's read more after the following leap.


WhatsApp For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Only yesterday was released a new update of Whatsapp aimed at restoring the functioning of backup using iCloud, but please note that it is working on the Beta version and are continuing in the new build released a few minutes ago, has been added for compatibility with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


FitPort: The First App Compatible With Health Available On The App Store [Download]

Since the WWDC we saw how the corporate philosophy of Apple has gone from a near-total closure opening applications and third-party integrations. One of the fields that you thought would be most flooded app is related to health, for a long time called HealthBook. With the arrival of the official version of the operating system, something is already stirring: FitPort is the first app that integrates with the native Apple app.


Apple Has Released iOS 8.0.2 Firmware With Many Fixes And Improvements [ DIRECT LINKS ]

Apple has just released iOS 8.0.2 firmware with new features and improvements. the new version of the operating system is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch and it is going to correct all the errors of the iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.1. Let's get the direct links of iOS 8.0.2 for iPhone, iPod and iPad after the following leap.


iPhone 6 Unboxing And Review (Video)

finally,iPhone 6 is here. what about the unboxing follow us step by step?


Here Are The Long Queues For The Launch Of iPhone 6:06 Plus Around The World [Video]

The decisive day has finally arrived: today, in 9 countries, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has been officially marketed. There is already talk of record numbers for Apple, which has been able to once again create an expectation incredible towards the two new smartphones. The queues formed in front of the Apple Store have reached incredible lengths here the various situations around the world, this collection of video.


All What You Need To Know About iOS 8 [ Download ]

All What You Need To Know About iOS 8 [ Download ] - Apple has released iOS 8 with many new features and updates. Apple has released iOS 8 as long as releasing the iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6. iOS 8 supports all iDevices and it is available now not only for developers but for all users. Apple has released iOS 8 with many features such as iCloud drive, Continuity, quick type etc. We have summarized all features brought by iOS 8 after the the following leap.


Apple Finally Released iOS 8 For All iDevices - Download Now

Apple Finally Released iOS 8 For All iDevices - Apple has released iOS 8 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iOS 8 is now available for download with direct links and this time is not only for developers but for all users. Let's check supported devices by iOS 8 and get the direct links to download the new firmware but after the following leap.


IOS 8 Comes Tomorrow : Here are The Five Biggest News

Tomorrow, September 17, will hit the final release of iOS 8, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: after the presentation at the WWDC in June and the many beta versions for developers, now is the time to experience all the new features introduced thanks to the last update. Here is a brief summary to refresh your memory, where they will be listed and described the five major elements of iOS 8.


Apple Hides The Camera Protruding In Many Official Photos Of The iPhone 6:06 Plus

The two versions of the iPhone 6 presented last week has certainly been a huge success, and this is confirmed by the data on pre-orders. The new design is certainly one of the main features of the new generation of the iPhone, but there is a particular aesthetic that may not convince even Apple itself, the camera protruding.


AT&T Confirms The High Number of Orders For iPhone 6

Apple has just opened pre-orders on the two models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus after several problems due to the very high traffic to their site, it seems that the situation has stabilized. An executive of AT&T has recently commented on the results achieved at this time, stating that the volume of sales is "amazing." Let's read more after the jump.


Visa Europe In Contact With Apple To Bring The New Payment System In Europe

We have seen that one of the innovations introduced by Apple and iPhone Watch 6/6 Plus is the new feature that Apple Pay allows you to use their devices as a true electronic wallet thanks to the inclusion of NFC technology. The service will be launched initially in the USA, but Visa Europe said it is working to bring the new system in Europe.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Revealed pricing and launch date!

Apple has already revealed when you can buy the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and prices for its new devices. All information below.


Apple officially unveils the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

On stage at the Flint Center in Cuperinto have just been submitted by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, the two versions of the eagerly awaited new generation of the iPhone, or iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Too Large To Be Used With One Hand? Here Is The Solution Designed By Apple

We often wondered how he could be an iPhone 6 largest convenience in everyday use when one of the best chances of the iPhone is the fact that it can be used with one hand, unlike the competition that you are pushing to produce more and terminals larger.


All iPhone 6 Specifications

First, the iPhone 6 should be water resistant. The front panel of the device should be "unbreakable." Although this hypothesis seems rather strange, given that the sapphire is of course "destructible" which means that is something we did not expect for sure. The data sheet also reveals that both versions have the sapphire crystal display and then it will not be exclusive to certain models. Let's check all iPhone 6 specifications after the following the leap.


Apple's Live Video For The Event - Don't Miss

All of us are counting the hours which separate us of Apple's next event. We have already reached the day of the event. Today is September 9 and we are 18 hours away from starting the official event. Apple is going to release iPhone 6 and iOS 8 officially at the event today. We will put you with the event moment by moment. We are presenting live video from Apple special event, you will find the link below which will redirect you to be live with the event as soon as it is released. Let's check the link after the jump.