AT&T Confirms The High Number of Orders For iPhone 6

Apple has just opened pre-orders on the two models of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus after several problems due to the very high traffic to their site, it seems that the situation has stabilized. An executive of AT&T has recently commented on the results achieved at this time, stating that the volume of sales is "amazing." Let's read more after the jump.


Visa Europe In Contact With Apple To Bring The New Payment System In Europe

We have seen that one of the innovations introduced by Apple and iPhone Watch 6/6 Plus is the new feature that Apple Pay allows you to use their devices as a true electronic wallet thanks to the inclusion of NFC technology. The service will be launched initially in the USA, but Visa Europe said it is working to bring the new system in Europe.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus: Revealed pricing and launch date!

Apple has already revealed when you can buy the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and prices for its new devices. All information below.


Apple officially unveils the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

On stage at the Flint Center in Cuperinto have just been submitted by Tim Cook, Apple CEO, the two versions of the eagerly awaited new generation of the iPhone, or iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Too Large To Be Used With One Hand? Here Is The Solution Designed By Apple

We often wondered how he could be an iPhone 6 largest convenience in everyday use when one of the best chances of the iPhone is the fact that it can be used with one hand, unlike the competition that you are pushing to produce more and terminals larger.


All iPhone 6 Specifications

First, the iPhone 6 should be water resistant. The front panel of the device should be "unbreakable." Although this hypothesis seems rather strange, given that the sapphire is of course "destructible" which means that is something we did not expect for sure. The data sheet also reveals that both versions have the sapphire crystal display and then it will not be exclusive to certain models. Let's check all iPhone 6 specifications after the following the leap.


Apple's Live Video For The Event - Don't Miss

All of us are counting the hours which separate us of Apple's next event. We have already reached the day of the event. Today is September 9 and we are 18 hours away from starting the official event. Apple is going to release iPhone 6 and iOS 8 officially at the event today. We will put you with the event moment by moment. We are presenting live video from Apple special event, you will find the link below which will redirect you to be live with the event as soon as it is released. Let's check the link after the jump.


Get Ready To Install iOS 8 - Don't Miss The Event

The advent of the official version of iOS 8 is an event eagerly awaited by both users who have not passed iOS 7 and by those who exasperated by the constant crash and who can not wait to get rid of the beta of iOS 8. The change of operating system is a delicate moment for the operation of a device so, we recommend to prepare our devices now for the next update by backup important data on the device. Let's see how to prepare our device for the upcoming iOS 8 but after the jump.


iPhone 6 Preorders On China Telecom With Lots Of Features

Following in the footsteps of China Mobile, China Telecom has also kicked off the pre-orders of iPhone 6 before its official launch. On the website of the Chinese carrier, there is a special page for pre-orders with a lot of unofficial image of the new Apple mobile device. It is unofficial, because all these characteristics come from unconfirmed rumor. Let's check iPhone 6 images after the jump.


New 3D Render iWatch

As usual, before releasing any new products by Apple, we try to collect information for product's features and design and present prototype for the product. A new render in three dimensions, created by designer Martin Hajek, showing what will probably be the iWatch, the smart watch that will mark Apple's entry into the market of the smartwatch. Let's check the iWatch after the following leap.


All iPhone 6 Prices

Surely the functions, aesthetics and components are news that affected readers since the first rumor about iPhone 6 have flooded the web but to be honest, who would not want to know first and foremost it should invest in the next smartphone Apple ? It seems that some sources have shed light on the price. Let's check iPhone 6 prices after the following leap.


iPhone 6 Connected To iTunes [VIDEO]

After many images stolen from the chain of production, today, a new video showing an alleged iPhone 6 fully assembled. During the video, the device is turned on and the display shows the usual icon for iOS that suggests to connect the iPhone to iTunes. Let's check the video below after the following leap.


iPhone 6 First Reveal Fully Assembled

Most of the pictures that we have recently seen shows the components of the iPhone 6 to get a general idea of what will be the look of the device. We have presented more than one mock up or render born by the various rumor launched by the web for the iPhone 6. At the following pictures, we can see the rear shroud and the front panel of the device in an assembly that will provide clarity on how it can be the aesthetics of the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Let's see iPhone 6 images after the following jump.


iPhone 6 Alleged Rear BodyWork [ Images ]

After numerous images of some internal components at iPhone 6, the ring of the camera and the new logo, now there's two new highly detailed photos showing the alleged seat back of the iPhone 6. Let's see them after the following leap.


The Final Shape And Design Of iPhone 6

The Final Shape And Design Of iPhone 6 - According to several reports Apple will unveil iPhone 6 September 9th. Although it is not yet clear to confirm that Apple will release both versions, 4.7 "and 5.5" iPhone 6 on the same day or not, both devices in their forms of mockup, clones or products of the mystery have appeared at least once on the web. The images of iPhone 6 in this post were circulated on Twitter with the title of iPhone 6. This images show the front, back and the thickness of iPhone 6. Let's check the images after the jump.


Latest Leaked Images For iPhone 6 Components And Logo

Latest Leaked Images For iPhone 6 Components And Logo - As usual, thousands of rumors are spreading before releasing any new device or firmware. We often derive information and news from reliable sources as we can. iPhone 6 rumors and news come to the fore in terms of importance. We have released some posts for iPhone 6 parts, features and components. A new, high-quality leak gets really up close and personal with this particular components of the iPhone 6 with screenshots. Let's check iPhone 6 images after the following jump. 


How To Install Nintendo Emulator On Your iPhone, iPod And iPad [ Video ]

A few months ago, Apple has released an application called GBA4iOS, this application allows you to install an emulator for Nintendo games to completely run on iPhone even without Jailbreak. Today the project has closed its doors due to a warning sent directly from Nintendo. Let's read more about the topic after the jump.


4 USB Ports For Charging iPhone, iPod And iPad In One Charger

At the price of a simple USB charger, you can have an accessory that delivers up to 30W and enables you to charge 4 devices at full speed, even if those require more power as in the case of the iPad or some Android tablet. Let's show you all information about this 4 port USB charger after the following leap.


The iPhone 6 New Concept With Amazing Colors

The iPhone 6 New Concept With Amazing Colors - Few days ago, we showed you a new concept of the iPhone 6 with dual camera. In this post, we will show another concept for iPhone 6 with video. Let's see this new concept but after the following leap.


New Leaked Images For iPhone 6 Size, Front And Back Cover

Few hours ago, some pictures have been published over the web that could be of rendering officers on the new Apple iPhone 6 delivered to manufacturers of enclosures so as to start pre-production for the foreseeable future. We will show you iPhone 6 front and back cover at the following image.  Let's see the leaked image for the iPhone 6 after the break.


iOS 8 New Concept [ Video ]

iOS 8 New Concept [ Video ] - We do not know anything official about iOS 8 ​​but several items have been circulating on the net that show us how it could be. TechRadar has created a video that sums up all these innovations. Let's see iOS 8 new concept at the following video below after the following leap.


iPhone 6S VS iPhone 6C [ Video ]

These recent days, the launch of the next model of the iPhone is the main topic of most blog and smartphone forums. WWDC 2014 is approaching and we can't wait to see what will Apple reveal at this next event. The next iPhone is still the most awaited device ever. Let's check the new concept for the next generation of iPhone at this post. We will show you an amazing comparison between the upcoming predicted devices iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C with a video after the following leap.


How To Install WhatsApp On iPod And iPad Without Jailbreak [ Windows / Mac ]

Without any doubt, WhatsApp is the most popular cross-platform instant messenger in the world. WhatsApp is a an amazing app with seamless integration for Apple, Samsung and Windows devices. One of the most bothering thing with WhatsApp is that it is not available for iPod and iPad. In this post, we will guide you and show you a smart way to install WhatsApp on your iPod and iPad. You don't need to have a jailbroken device, you simply need a computer, and brief access to an iPhone for the activation part of the setup. Let's read more after the following jump.


New Leaked Image For iPhone 6 Running On iOS 8

New Leaked Image For iPhone 6 Running On iOS 8 - We are waiting for Apple's next event that is recommended to witness the release of iPhone 6 with iOS 8. We have picked a new leaked image which shows iOS 8 board on iPhone 6. Let's read more about iPhone 6 and iOS 8 after the following jump.


Puro The Best Armbrand For Your iPhone, iPod And Samsung SmartPhone

More and more often we speak about wearable devices and applications useful to keep track of our sport. Beyond bracelets and various smartwatch, you can not use them outdoor, so it becomes essential to have a case that can also accompany us during our fitness sessions. The Puro Armbrand will enable you from that practice. Puro Armbrand is available for iPhone, iPod and Samsung smartphone. Let's get more info about Puro Armbrand after the following jump.