Changing The Display Of iPhone 5c In Under 10 Minutes

Rupture of screens in the new mobile is the order of the day and, sure ever happened to us or seen as happened to a friend. Well this time we want to show how to change the screen in one of Apple devices, particularly where it is easier on the iPhone 5c.


Apple Watch Battery Has A Limited Life

Since yesterday was officially launched the new Apple Watch, the first units to reach customers who have already started to preorder one another on April 10, the clock is in the center of Cupertino attention during this period. Although Apple has already informed us that the battery life is only a few hours, in terms of total autonomy loading cycle, today we learn more about it and especially the battery has a limited lifespan, to everyone's surprise.


Video Drop-Test Apple Watch Sport By TechRax Bloggers

After securing one of the first sports version of "smart hours», TechRax went not into the stadium, in the mountains or the gym, and the backyard. The most important thing in this gadget that? Durability and resistance to the blows of fate, as stated in the official advertisement, so that can prevent Apple Watch live through a series of falls from height meter yes on smooth concrete?


Sony Provides Operating Income Of $ 2.5 Billion For 2015

Sony updated its operating profit forecast for the fiscal year 2015, upping the number to 300 billion yen, or about 2.52 billion dollars, a figure four times higher than previous estimates of the company. The information was released by the Japanese newspaper Nikkei and replicated by Reuters.


Youtube Creates Solution For Anyone Who Wants An Apple Watch Gold Without Paying Too Much

With the cost ranging between $ 10,000 and $ 17,000, Apple Watch Edition is one of the most expensive devices that Apple has brought to market. And not that it did custom work with low prices, but considering that the gold 18k model is designed for a very specific niche, certainly the general public does not show buying interest, but certainly all have a desire to have one in hand.


Apple Watch vs Apple Watch Sport Detailed comparison (Video)

Apple watch is the name chosen by Apple for Apple Watch stainless steel, while Apple Watch Sport is the name chosen for the model with an aluminum housing.


Galaxy S6 Edge Success Is Higher Than Expected,

When Samsung started production of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Galaxy Edge, the Korean company did not expect the model with curved screen would do the same success of the traditional system, however, the arrival of the devices to the international market showed that the company executives were wrong , surprising everyone.


Setting up and connecting a Apple Watch with iPhone - Tutorial

Apple Watch begins to reach users who have a chance to order a unit since April 10, when Apple started the session pre-orders in the first wave of countries, and this article will show you how to set up and connect the clock to iPhone terminal that you have to take advantage of all the great features that we provide.


Apple Released Three New Commercials For Apple Watch: "Us", "Rise" and "Up" (Video)

Apple released today at the launch of the Apple device Watch three new commercials for its promotion. The spots, entitled "Us", "Rise" and "Up" focuses on daily activities improved through Apple Watch. Unlike other products promotion, advertisement for Apple Watch launched today are more in the style of that company promotes iPad tablets.


Apps Of The Week: The Best Apps For Android, iOS And Windows Phone

The list, as always, brings apps that were launched or updated throughout the week. Now, without further ado, let the applications!


Djay 2, With Support For Apple Watch, Is The "App Of The Week"

Every week Apple selects an application to stay free for a period of seven days, which is named as "App of the week" and often make the joy of many users on your platform. The chosen this time is the Djay 2 first application for DJ's App Store (and one of the most complete) and who recently won compatible with Apple Watch, smart watch company.


Microsoft Offers Cash Rewards To Anyone Who Can Hack The Spartan

It is nothing new that Microsoft is betting a lot on your browser to Spartan recover part of their prestige among the users. Internet Explorer, which has been criticized, especially by security flaws for years, will give its place to the new browser as the primary means of using the Internet in Windows 10. To do so, the company wants to ensure that the Spartan will be safe enough to be widely adopted, and thus outperform the competition.


Apple Watch: We See How The Straps May Deteriorate With Use And With Time

Are you concerned about the length of the straps for Apple Watch? 9to5Mac has posted images of demonstrations that show us how the straps of the apple may deteriorate with use and over time.


More Than 100 Million People Use Office On Android And iOS, Says Microsoft CEO

Despite being the owner of Windows Phone, Microsoft also invested on Android and iOS, rival platforms, aiming to offer their services to as many consumers as possible, since, despite not using Windows on their mobile devices, many users run Windows on their computers.


Apple Watch Has Been Tested Under Water, Here Is How Resilient (Video)

One of the main questions about Apple Watch is how resilient the time while using underwater, specifically when using the shower or while swimming in the sea or in the pool, and come in our help Australians receiving first new clock Apple and have thought to use it in a swimming session and in the video above you can see what they did.


Here's What Processor And Graphics Card Has Apple Watch

iOS 8.2 or OS 1.0 Watch for Apple Watch was launched earlier this evening by Apple, and inside or applications developer for iOS platform found references on the hardware that Apple has implemented in Alarm, being presented in various rumors appeared on the Internet in the past and now confirmed thanks to the operating system.


Some Apple Watch Will Arrive In Time For Tomorrow

Several users tell us that Apple has managed to meet the delivery times, since several Apple Watch will arrive in time for tomorrow April 24 in the homes of those who have pre-ordered the device in time.


How To Disable Read Receipts On WhatsApp Messenger For iPhone - Tutorial

You probably already know that when there are two signs "seen" blue in the application WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone when you speak to someone means that the person has read the message. This function is very useful but it can also be annoying for those who simply, for various reasons, do not want others to know exactly when they read WhatsApp messages. It is very useful if you want to find out if the other person has read your message or not, WhatsApp app tells you exactly that through those signs "seen" that appear next to each message. It's annoying because you can not pretend you have not read a message from someone because it will always know whether you did it or not really.


Apple Interested In Nokia Maps

Since the submission of the Maps application to Apple, the boys in Cupertino have been slowly adding more features and improving the accuracy of location of the user and of the directions that we introduce in the application, although to be honest, still has a long way to do to try to approach Google Maps. Often it seems that Apple Maps section is still in beta.


How To Delete An Account On Instagram iPhone - Tutorial

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, belonging to the Facebook application, after an acquisition in 2012 of a billion dollars.


1,500 Applications Are Vulnerable To Hackers

While Apple trying to improve the security of iOS through updates, SourceDNA has discovered a serious security flaw that could affect up to 1,500 applications for iPhone and iPad, which could be exploited by hackers to violate the privacy of the devices. We tell you more details.


Discovered A Bug That Makes The iPhone Go Into Perpetual Reboot Loop

Apple has been the subject of attention of security researchers in recent weeks in what seems a hunting season for bugs in the systems of Apple. An example is the case of a former failure that came to be exploited after being declared as corrected.


Concept Reinvents iOS 9 Lock Screen On The iPhone (Video)

I've seen far more concepts for future operating system that Apple will launch this fall, iOS 9 version will be presented in just a few weeks, the conference WWDC on June 8.


iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC ONE M9 - Which is Better For Gaming?

iPhone 6, HTC and Samsung Galaxy S6 ONE M9 were compared in various videos to show us which of them quickly open applications, however, a benchmark for graphics cards we revealed that Apple smartphone is strong, and recently made a new detailed test undoubtedly confirm this for us.


iPhone with 4-inch screen Apple will launch in 2015 ?

A few weeks days appear online rumors that give us understand that Apple plans to launch a new model of iPhone that has 4-inch screen, thus continuing the line of mid-end products to customers who do not have much money at your disposal do not want to switch to 4.7 and 5.5 inch screens, iPhone 6C is presented as a model which would occur in the fall.