A New Property On Facebook For iOS And Android

Facebook already has the ability to add stickers in conversations messenger  and comments on social networks in order to enrich their communication. Apparently,  recently some US users have the ability to apply the stickers to your uploaded photos directly from the Custom app for Android and iOS.


The adoption rate of iOS 8 rises to 73%

According to the latest figures from Apple, the adoption rate of iOS 8 has now risen to 73%, thus recording a slight increase compared to two weeks ago. Follow obviously iOS 7 with 24%, and previous versions of the software with 3%.


Upcoming competition: Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs iPhone 6 Vs HTC One M9 [Images]

From a few days we have heard rumors and we saw pictures of HTC One M9 design , now the 3D designers introduced images for this device, lets check the images of  HTC One M9


New Features Of iOS 8.3 Beta.

A few hours ago, Apple released iOS 8.3 beta 1 to registered developers of the iOS Developer Program. this time differs from previous times because, there are two betas for separate iOS versions simultaneously available.


The Way To Stop Music And Video Playback In iOS Using A Timer [Video]

These are instructions on how to stop music or video playback in iOS using a timer. 


Reuters: The Apple Car Has The Autopilot And It Will Drive Iself Alone [video]

A short time ago, Tim Cook said that Apple will release new products for which there were no rumors yet. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Cupertino company is working on an electric car, and according to the latest rumors, we also know the main feature of this car.


iOS 8 Crash More Often Than Android 5.0 Lollipop?

Whenever an operating system receives an update more when you change the graphical interface, and for this reason Lollipop Android 5.0 has been widely criticized by users who use it for the high number of application crashes


Apple Increases The Maximum Size Of The App On The App Store .

In a note to the developers released by Apple itself, the Californian company illustrates how the maximum size for the app on the App Store has grown from 2 to 4 GB. In addition to relaxing the developers, the news excites users at the thought of the new app but most of the new games that will come out on the store such as new and more rewarding Final Fantasy.


Parallels Updates: You Can Now Run Windows 10 On OS X.

Parallels has released an update to its virtualization software for OS X that allows Mac users to download, install and run the Technical Preview of Windows 10 in a virtual machine.


The Incredible Gains Make Apple Richer Than 141 Countries!

It 'hard to understand the incredible greatness of Apple, at least until things are not placed in their proper context. With 178 billion dollars in cash last quarter, the California company can easily be compared with the gross domestic product (GDP) of the large countries.


Here's How Apple Plans To Improve The Safety Of TouchID With A System Of "Safe"

The sensor, to date only recognizes the fingerprint and thus unlocks the device, or make payments. The patent in question, instead, illustrates the use of Touch ID as a real knob from safe. To be precise, in addition to supporting the finger, we will also rotate in a certain way, to the right and to the left, to be able to get the right combination.


Apple Releases iOS 8.2 Beta 3 To Developers

Apple has just released iOS 8 beta 3 to developers.


Huawei Honor 6 Plus Beats Samsung And Apple With The Best Camera In The World

The world of cameras of smartphones in recent years has made great strides. As for this 2014, Apple iPhone 6 plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 were reported by expert reviewers for their photographic skills. According to a comparison of photos taken, 2015 could see a smartphone Huawei to rule on the scenario of mobile photography.


Apple Releases iOS 8.1.2 [DIRECT LINKS and Changelog]

It was just released iOS 8.1.2. The software update is available for both iPhone and iPad and of course for the iPod Touch 5G.


Bluetooth 4.2: Improved Privacy And More Efficient Consumption

Were announced some of the innovations that will characterize the new Bluetooth 4.2 standard, including a more efficient consumption of the battery and improved privacy.


Safari Is Slow? Here's How To Speed It On iPhone And iPad With iOS 8

One of the practices that occupies most of the time we spend using our smartphones, as well when Sending messages, web browsing. If you use Safari on iOS, the malfunction of the browser can put a strain on our nerves with problems such as the freezing of the page. If you, like many users in various forum state, you have experienced the same kind of problem, here are some small tips that may improve your user experience.


WhatsApp Is Updated At Last For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus!

WhatsApp has done it! Is finally available on the App Store update that introduces compatibility with iPhone and iPhone 6 6 Plus. But the news does not end there. Here we go within this article!


MorePredict Adds More Tips To The Keyboard Of iOS - Cydia

MorePredict is a new tweak that allows you to add new free tips to the keyboard of iOS when we use the device in portrait mode.


iPhone 8 First Concept With Leaked Images

iPhone 8 First Concept With Leaked Images - iPhone 6 has recently released with two models iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Now, we will show you the first concept of the next iPhone with images. Some webs and forums recommended that the next iPhone will be iPhone 8 not 7 but we can't assured until now. Let's see how will be the next iPhone as a prediction after the following leap.


EFF: ‘Jailbreaking Is Not a Crime’ And We Will Fight To ‘Keep It That Way’

Despite the jailbreak has lost the charm of the past, there are still many users who make this procedure to have more control on your iPhone. In the United States alive the debate about its legitimacy, and now to express was nothing less than the EFF.


WireLurker: The New Frontier Of Viruses On The Mac And iOS

Researchers at the Palo Alto Networks, have published an interesting research about WireLurker a new family of malware that would have the ability to infect both Mac and iOS over the last 6 months. According to research, WireLurker would only infected users in China, but it could begin a new era of virus attacks on desktop and mobile platforms.


Apple Urges Users To Update To iOS 8

Apple is encouraging all users who have not yet done so to update iOS with the latest operating system available to Apple: iOS 8. The launch took place in September and after almost two months that Apple wants to adoptions of IOS 8 grow quickly over time. Apple would have opted for an email campaign to all users who have not installed iOS 8 warning them that is waiting. The email provides a range of information, making users aware of what they are downloading.


WhatsApp Is Updated With The Blue Tick MarksThat MarkWhen a Message Is Actually Read! [Up To Date]

WhatsApp has just launched a new feature in which we talked about a few months ago: It 's just got the "third check" indicating when a message is actually read by the recipient.


Better Sleep: The App To Monitor And Improve Your Sleep According Runtastic. [Video]

Runtastic today announced the launch of an app to monitor and improve your sleep simply by using your iPhone. The app promises to really change the way you stand by collecting all your data and understanding when and how to sleep better.


How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1 And iOS 8 On iPhone, iPod and iPad With Pangu [ Video ]

How To Jailbreak iOS 8.1 And iOS 8 On iPhone, iPod and iPad With Pangu [ Video ] - In this article we will give you instructions on how to run the jailbreak with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The procedure is detailed with images that accompany the various points step by step. The procedure is valid only on Windows at this time. Let's check how to jailbreak iOS 8.1 and iOS 8 on iPhone, iPod and iPad with Pangu but after the following leap.