Here is a small preview of Android M that will fight with iOS 9 [Video]

In a few days Apple will show us a little preview of iOS 9, in the meantime Google is preparing Android M And below we can see some of the new features.


Consumer Reports: Apple has no equal in technical support quality

Experts publication Consumer Reports, produced by non-profit Consumers Union (Consumers Union of US), Apple was named a leader among the most trusted brands in the computer market. In terms of the quality of after-sales service company from Cupertino has no equal. "If you need an army of geeks, to cope with unruly computer, you'd better buy a Mac», - the expert said.


Apple acquires company specializing in augmented reality [video]

Apple recently acquired Metaio, a company specializing in various applications related to augmented reality. Mysteriously, the company announced it will stop selling its services last night, and filings with the German government indicate that the acquisition of Apple is indeed a business already concluded.


Samsung is working on the world's first smartphone with a folding screen

Samsung is not the first year is working on flexible display panel. The result of work started planshetofon Galaxy Note Edge smartphone and Galaxy S6 edge. In the next stage of development of this technology the manufacturer plans to release smartphones folding.


Prestigious Chinese university copied icon Touch ID for its emblem [photo]

The Chinese know a lot of copying. Residents of China in parallel with the construction of its specific version of socialism has successfully mastered the production of counterfeit clothes, gadgets, cars, military equipment, and even spaceships.


Siri can fix the problem of malicious messages on iPhone

Apple has announced it is working on a fix for the bug of the messages that "kill" the unit for some time and annoy many users. This, although simple, is a very serious problem and several reports published on social networks claim that the devices need to be rebooted several times until everything back up and running properly.


IBM offers its employees to move from PC to Mac

As the technological shift from PCs toward smartphones and tablets Apple is expanding its reach in the lucrative corporate customer base. The popularity of iPhone, iPad and Mac among corporate managers employees forced to rewrite the policy and change the traditional structure of purchases.


Google abandoned the idea to use the Android Wear on iPhone and iPad

During the conference, Google I / O 2015, Google talked about what innovations are implemented in the operating system Android Wear in the near future. Smart Clock running this operating system is in the range of many companies, including LG, Samsung, Sony and Motorola. Despite many speculations about the possibility of using these devices together with the iPhone and iPad, the conference has not been told anything.


Google I / O 2015: Android Wear account already has 4000 apps in the Play Store

The Google I / O 2015 is taking place exactly at that time, and the company is making this Thursday (28/5) very busy with their innovations. Fans giant's operating system received the formal revelation of "Android M" which will be the Lollipop successor. Also they announced the Inbox as a service available to all users. Now new information about the Android Wear.


The patch from Cydia closes iOS vulnerabilities, allows you to restart your iPhone or iPad

This week it became clear that iOS present a critical vulnerability that allows someone else to restart the smartphone normal text message.


Google announced the Photos app to store photos and videos with unlimited space in the cloud [video]

Along with the presentation of the new platform Android M, Google introduced a new Photos application to store, organize and process images. The company says that it will not have any restrictions on the amount of disk space.


Now HBO finally come to Android

Google has just announced, during its Google I / O conference, the company sealed its partnership with HBO, and the channel application will finally be available on Android and chromecast. Access to the app allows users to view the entire library online channel for only 14.99$ US per month with a free month for the first month, similar to Netflix.


New MacBook Pro officially supports 5K-resolution displays with 5120 x 2880 pixels

The new 15-inch MacBook Pro supports 4K-resolution monitor 4096 × 2160 pixels at 60 Hz, shows an updated document on our support website Apple. The laptop is the first in a line of Apple, which can also connect displays with a resolution of 5K.


Apple is developing proactive as rival Google Now on iOS 9

Apple may be mobilizing its team of developers to invest again against a Google service. According to sources who claim proximity to the subject, Proactive, or proactive in literal translation, is the new tool of iOS 9 to provide quick information and organized users, before they even know that seeking such details. Time, Siri, Calendar, Passbook, Maps and third-party apps will provide the details to an integrated multimedia center.


Linux creator believes that Windows, OS X, iOS and Android are all malware

Linux creator Richard Stallman published a new article in which she argues that most of the operating systems can be considered a malware, and this also applies to mobile platforms.


Google Search on the iOS App Store applications show the results

Google, though it has its own large operating system for mobile devices, is friendly to the Apple platform and takes most of your applications to iOS.


HBO GO for iOS is updated with streaming via HDMI and some corrections

HBO recently announced the launch of its streaming app for iOS devices, bringing all the excitement of their series and videos for Apple devices. Now a major update was released by the company, allowing users to have much better options to view all available content.


IKEA starts selling furniture with the possibility of wireless charging

The company IKEA began selling furniture brand with the wireless charging of mobile devices. In addition, the manufacturer produced a series of covers that innovations have benefited the owners of iPhone and other smart phones that do not support wireless charging.


Monkey, the interactive keyboard that makes sending multimedia content

Write and send a link to copy and paste has become incredibly old and dated. With Monkey Keyboard, the new keyboard proposed by the organization, will be able to chat regularly, but at the same time send check in Danmark, share a file on Dropbox or send a link to Spotify, interacting at best with your contact and making place in the world where you are at that moment.


iOS 9 and "iPhone 6S": what Apple is planning for the future

Apple does not plan to bring many new features to iOS 9, focusing on security and stability in the system. However, within the news, the company may be working on a new initial application for HomeKit, a new source for system interface, a support service for the public transport to the Maps application and many other settings. However, there are still some other things that are worth being highlighted for the next version of the system and you can check out some of these changes (expected) below:


iOS 9 breathes new life into the iPhone and iPad of the previous generations

8 June at WWDC 2015, Apple will tell what innovations will be included in the ninth generation of proprietary mobile operating system. If you believe the information in the network, users of smart phones iPhone and tablet iPad previous generations can count on output adapted for these devices iOS 9 version .


OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 beta 4 was released

OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 beta 4 was released later that evening by Apple, the Cupertino putting new version of the operating system available to developers of applications for the OS X platform, but also to the members beta testing program. With 14E26a code number, the build has presented a list of changes implemented by Apple in OS X 10.10.4, but not implemented for this build separate ones.


At this year Siri will have a competitor: Microsoft has officially unveiled Cortana for iOS [video]

Microsoft officially confirmed that the voice assistant Cortana, available on smartphones with Windows Phone, will appear on a mobile platform iOS. The intelligent technology is designed to compete with personal assistant Apple Siri. In addition to smartphones and tablets epplovskih Cortana ported to devices with Android.


iPhone 6s would have reduced thickness for use with lower backlight LEDs

Apple may be developing an iPhone even thinner by changing the inside of the backlight card from your smartphone.


iPhone 6s Force Touch Display to combine the advantages of the Apple Watch screen and the new MacBook trackpad

It is no secret that the main feature of the next generation iPhone will support technology Force Touch. Rumors that Apple is going to use in their communicators touch sensitivity displays, go for a long time.