KeyRaider - the most dangerous malware for iOS and the biggest theft in history iCloud accounts

KeyRaider is the most dangerous malware for iOS platform ever created, and last night we told you how to find out if yours iCloud account was stolen by Chinese hackers who have created or not.


IPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 - detailed comparison (Video)

IPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 were summarily judged on various occasions and have probably already seen a good part of what they offer, including in terms of performance, but today we see a detailed comparison.


The new Google logo, its evolution and creation process (Video)

The new Google logo was unveiled during the day by the American company, the Mountain View believing that it's time to make a change of image to bring some attention on the company after the recent launch of a parent company for all subdivisions around.


Instagram offers new options to send direct messages

During the evening the Instagram company implemented new functions for the system to send direct messages through its network of photo sharing, users can now create threads of conversation can send characters emoji large and can share content from the timeline and not only that.


iPhone 6S 16GB confirmed by a mobile operator

iPhone 6S 16GB was confirmed by a mobile phone operator in China yesterday, that after last week other sources close to Apple did the same, a box of the product being offered as evidence.


Here's how to find out if yours iCloud account was compromised by hackers

Last week we told you that over 220,000 accounts iCloud have been stolen by Chinese hackers using tweaks distributed via repo sites of Cydia, users from 18 countries remain without accounts iCloud taken over by hackers without know them.


Android Wear can be controlled from the iPhone starting today

Android Wear is the operating system developed by Google for SmartWatch's, and from today it can be controlled including iPhones using iOS running with a dedicated apply.


Google+ Collections is now available in iOS

Google+ Collections is officially available starting today on the iOS platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch platform giving users the social network can create various forums with various topics of discussion.


FaceTime Camera iPhone 6S Touch ID button and other components appear in images (Video)

FaceTime Camera iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus appears today in the first images and confirms that Apple is going to increase its resolution, and the ability to record pictures much better in low light conditions and not only that, the video quality will be also radically improved.


Apple developing new wireless headphones with ambient noise cancellation

iPhone and iPods Castile were some of the most important accessories of Apple products, and acquiring Cupertino Beats offering them the opportunity to radically improve in the future.


Apple TV will get a fourth-generation remote control with motion sensors in the style of Nintendo Wii

Comes complete with Apple TV remote control . Apple Remote do not change in 2009, but the fourth-generation set-top boxes, which, according to preliminary data, will be released on 9 September cupertino intend to equip it with motion sensors. This resource TechCrunch reported on the eve of one of the company's employees, for obvious reasons, who asked not to be named.


iPhone 6S rose gold - a preview of the new Apple smartphone (Video)

iPhone 6S Rose Gold will be released later this fall for Apple, and what I learned yesterday after months of uncertainty multimedia a variety of contradictory rumors about his appearance.


iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus prices appearing on the internet

iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus prices appear today internet thanks a sources operator mobile she confirming monies Apple company follows them wax new terminals.


# 10 reasons to change your old iPhone to a new brand iPhone 6S

We know the Apple strategy released a new iPhone model every year. This year is no different and therefore it is obvious that in September new iPhone will be called, almost certainly, iPhone 6S  and iPhone 6S Plus. If we rely on what we already know about your screen, processor or battery and functions have been gradually discovering iOS9 can make a slight recommendation "buy it unless you can wait for the iPhone 7 will be even better."


Apple replaces presentation system products in Apple Store

Last week we were told that Apple plans to make a major change to how its products are presented in Apple Store sites on the planet, giving up iPad tablets that provide information about them and about prices.


M - Facebook has launched a competitor to Siri

M is the term virtual assistant developed by the Facebook company, being introduced in the past under the name Moneypenny, but is available starting today in beta by Facebook Messenger application.


Samsung Galaxy Note 6 humiliates iPhone 6 in a performance test (Video)

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is humiliated iPhone 6 in a first performance test done new product from Samsung, and in the video below you will see about the difference in the speed of the two smartphones to open applications .


MobileFusion turn an iPhone into a 3D scanner with an application of Microsoft (Video)

MobileFusion a new application is presented by Microsoft for users of iPhone terminals around the globe, it is thought the idea of an iPhone allows us to transform a 3D scanner without much effort.


Xcode 7 Beta 6 has been released by Apple

Xcode 7 Beta 6 was released later last night by Apple without iOS 9 beta 6 in September to accompany him, the Cupertino still giving them an update for the program developers who produce applications for users.


The Keynote iPhone 6S could be held in this Auditorium in San Francisco

This is just a rumor, but the event Apple Keynote 9 September could be held in an auditorium in San Francisco that has been "mysteriously" rented for a private event anonymously.


iPhone 6s first demonstrated switched on [video]

After the official announcement of this flow is interrupted, but until then the conveyor continues to regularly issue new nuggets of information about the iPhone 6s. On Wednesday, the creator of YouTube-channel MacRumors posted a video to a new generation of smartphone Apple.


Using WhatsApp on the iPad without jailbreak

With the release of Web WhatsApp we have seen how the messaging application moved from iPhone to computer in seconds. And it is now easier than ever to enjoy WhatsApp in the browser or even as a native Mac application thanks to ChitChat.


iPhone 6 Plus is against the Galaxy Note and 5 Xiaomi Mi Note Pro: blind chambers test

Publication of mobile phones phoneArena published on the website of experimental material, the essence of which was to vote among readers. We were prepared photographs of four different smartphones and asked to choose the best quality and most bad shots, focusing only on the number of frames, no-name devices - so-called "blind testing". In tests participated iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4 and Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.


Apple blocks signatures for iOS 8.4

Apple has just closed the signatures for iOS 8.4 on all models of iPhone, iPod and iPad compatible with this version of the operating system. Now you can then only restore to iOS 8.4.1.


Tim Cook: iPhone sales in China are growing, despite the crisis in the economy

Sales of smartphones the iPhone in China are rising, despite the massive sell-off of shares on the market and the economic problems in the country. This was announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook in the comments told CNBC Jim Cramer.