58-inch Table Connect Interfaces with the iPhone

Some guys are working on a new project called Table Connect to bring the iPhone's interface and multitouch capabilities to a 58-inch table (yes, a 58-inch table!). You will be able to connect your iPhone into this table using a special cable so you can use your iPhone touch screen on a screen of 58-inches, imagine it!

Here's what the guys over iPhoneTable says:
We are about to put the final touches on the "iPhone Table" prototype. Table Connect for iPhone is what you have been waiting for, multitouch on steroids!

For now, we start with mock-ups as well. Currently, we are finishing up the work on the alpha release software for the table.

The iPhone is attached via the standard dock connector – immediately after it is attached, the magic starts to happen. The entire content of the iPhone’s screen will be projected onto the multitouch table, still giving full access to all the touch gestures using multitouch technology.
So, the project is currently under development and will be demoed in two days. Stay tuned for the demo and the announcement of this wonderful table. For me, I will get a one, what about you? [via iPhoneitalia]

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