Charge Your iPhone 4 Wirelessly with PowerMat

In case you are a busy guy or you want to charge your iPhone without plugging-in using cables, then your choice is PowerMate. It's a new accessory that charges your iPhone 4 and some other device wirelessly. The first wireless charger is now available in commercial use. Powermat has previously released a range of accessories to charge you device. Now you'll not need any cable to charge your iPhone, just put this wonderful charging mat on your iPhone and it will automatically charge your phone.

This Powermat accessory uses "Magnetic Induction" to charge your iPhone, it was never too easy before to charge your iPhone wirelessly but Powermat has something to say about this:
Now charging your iPhone 4 is as simple as setting it down! Complete solutions are pre-pack bundles pairing a Powermat one position charging mat and a receiver to provide a seamless upgrade to wireless charging. Charge your iPhone 4 with the Powermat 1Xi and Receiver Case for iPhone 4.
According to Powermat, some of other devices are supported in this charger including iPhone 4, HTC EVO 4G, HTC HD2, Motorola Droid X, Blackberry Bold 9700 series, Blackberry Curve 8500/9300 series and the Nokia N97.
You can simply buy this charger from the official page at just 59.99$. Things included are 1x PowerMat wireless charging mat, 1x wireless receiver case for iPhone 4, 1x power supply and a micro USB to USB cable. Hope you tell us if you liked this accessory in the comment section below. [Gizmodo, via RedmondPie]

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