Steve Jobs' Personal Call with iPad Developer

Let's imagine, you are developer, you spend quality hours making a quality app, you submit it to the App Store, then..... they reject it and you are so pissed off that so you send back a flaming email. After a few hours, Steve rings you up to solve your problem.

The same thing happened to Ram Arumugam, a Seattle based app developer. So Mr. Ram here, made an iPad app named "Economy for iPad", which he obviously sent it for approval. But, the Apple genius rejects the app because he hadn't used some of the public API's provided by Apple to solve a keyboard issue. Ram Arumugam was angry so he sent an email to Apple to vent out his anger. Just after 2 hours, Steve called Ram up to sort out the problem and make him an happy Dev.
"I was very surprised," Ram told the paper. "I was not even sure whether he would have time to read the e-mail." The outcome of the conversation, however, resulted in Ram's app finally getting into the App Store. It took a conversation with Jobs to get Ram to drop the troublesome code. Subsequently, we now the privilege of checking out the $2.99 app that caused such a raucous. For Ram, of course, the ordeal was worth it. The dev was happy to report that his economic stat-filled app is now the top selling paid app in the finance category of the iPad App Store.
That really nice of you Steve! So what do you guys think? [via ModMyiSeattleTimes]

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