About 300K Android Devices Activated Daily, Andy Rubin Says!

 Google's Andy Rubin has just tweeted that a number of more than 300,000 Android-based devices are being activated each and every day.

300k Android devices are activated daily
Compared to the latest announcement on the matter, made in early August, the number seems pretty impressive, one should agree.

At that time, Google confirmed a number of 200,000 Android activations every day, and the new announcement marks an increase of 50% in about four months.

This figure is in line with what some analysts already predicted: Android will eventually manage to control the largest portion of the smartphone market.

Some of the previous predictions suggested that Android will manage to become the leading mobile operating system within the next few years, with Symbian trailing it closely.

Moreover, there were some who provisioned that Android would be able to account for half of the market in the not too far future.

The platform showed strong sales all around the world, and managed to overcome other platforms in different markets. However, Android still lags behind BlackBerry or iOS in some countries, including the United States.

With more devices being brought to the market with the Android platform on board, it does make sense that sales went up.

Moreover, sales should spike this time of the year, as the holiday shopping season has just started, though Google's mobile OS won't be the only one to benefit from this, that's for sure.

The fact that there are 300,000 Android activations per day was confirmed by another tweet, coming from Dan Morrill this time: “It’s true, I look at the data daily. It’s inspirational.”

The competition on the smartphone OS market is expected to tighten up, as other mobile platforms bring appealing features into the mix, which might slow the OS down a little.

However, Android has been growing a lot these past few months, though it remains to be seen whether the platform will indeed manage to maintain the pace at which it is currently going up.


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