EA Ultimate Mortal Kombat for iPhone will Release This Month [Video]

Heard of EA Ultimate Mortal Kombat for iPhone before? Well, looks like EA is all set to surprise the iPhone users with its Ultimate Mortal Kombat for iOS devices in December. The guys at KnowYourMobile have posted a video showing the live demo of Ultimate Mortal Kombat. Here is the video:

And description reads like:
We headed over to the EA Mobile London office to see Ultimate Mortal Kombat for iPhone in action, and this is what we saw.
Ultimate Mortal Kombat is a beat-’em-up. The idea is to kill your opponent before they kill you, in gory fashion. Once an enemy has been defeated, you can use fatalities and other ways to humiliate your opponent, a feature that has helped the Mortal Kombat series stand the test of time.
Players: 1-2 local via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Release date: December
Price: TBC
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