First Infinity Blade Update To Drop Next Week

Remember Infinity Blade the cruel game you may say the

Work started on new content the day after the game’s five-month development ended, so Chair already has some goodies on deck. Next week’s addition, as well 

as another planned for January, will include more “booster packs,” as Mustard describes them — some additional content to keep things fresh and help entertain us sad sacks who’ve mastered all the gear.

Next week’s pack includes five new weapons, five new shields, five new helmets and a new armor set; enough equipment to increase the level cap to 45.

Also: new areas to explore (dungeons), more details about the God King, new enemies for experienced users. Multiplayer mode won’t be available in next week’s update, and the developers didn’t provide a release date. I think January would be perfect.
Don’t expect free-roaming to come anytime soon.

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