Google Voice Gets iPad and iPod Touch Friendly

oogle Voice has spread its insidious tendrils into the non-phone side of iOS, and the app now works on both the iPod Touch and iPad. The only real difference between these versions and the iPhone one is the obvious — they can’t make phone calls. However, what it can do is Click2Call, where it will ring a phone of yours, and then place the call for you. Here are some of the other new features hidden therein:
  • When you enable Push Notifications, we will automatically disable Text forwarding for you, so you won’t receive multiple notifications.
  • Want some quiet time? You can send all callers straight to voicemail by turning on Do not disturb in the Settings tab.
  • We made it easier for you to place calls from the address book by adding a dedicated Contacts button to the Dialer tab.
  • Sending text messages is now more streamlined since you don’t need to press the OK button anymore.
As before, it’s a free download, but you need a valid Google Voice account to make it work.

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