(The) Greatest Thing Facebook Ever Did Was Drop The “The”

Or so argues this music video about ex-Facebook president Sean Parker’s mythical contribution to humanity. Behold as a goofily dressed and bewigged Parker sings about the apocryphal moment (as seen in  The Social Network) where he convinced founder Mark Zuckerberg to drop the “the” in TheFacebook and just go with Facebook.

The fictional rapper Parker goes for broke, urging that the lesson be applied universally to stuff like The Marines, The Pope, The Liberty Bell and Smokey The Bear. Yeah, what’s the deal with “The” anyways?
Anyways while I’m pretty sure this isn’t the first rap song to refer to the Napster founder, it’s sure to be the funniest.
My favorite lyric? “That’s my status so go ahead and ‘Like’ it.” Hot.

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