iBooks VS. Google's Newly Released Google Books

Couple of days back, Google announced their new eBook app release of Google Books. This app allows you to read eBooks off your iOS device just the same as Apple's iBooks. It also lets you buy books from a store. So whats the difference between iBooks and Google Books? Which is the better one?

Even though Google Books has been a new app that has just been released, it lacks the graphics and animation interface in the app. For instance, in iBooks, the animation makes it seem as if a bookstore is behind those shelves of books you bought. In Google Books, it directs you to a safari page where you can buy books.

Even though the animation in Google Books is lacking, it's programming is very well done. Google is said to have the the greatest collecions of books.
Another thing about Google Books is that feature of unlimited storage in a digital cloud. This allows you to save all your eBooks onto Google Account. What's good about this is that you can read all your books online from the app without downloading them. You an also read them online from Google's book site.

The one major thing about Google Books is iTunes syncing. For now, iBooks is the only app that can seamlessly sync into iTunes, but it lacks reading iTunes.
In conclusion, Google Books seems like the better option here if you're on the go and if you rarely ever sync with iTunes. Google Books provides so many features, but if you're that type of person who likes to stick with iTunes and also have a nice interface to deal with, stick to iBooks. Google Books should probably release some updates in the near future. Besides, it's only their first release.
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