mSpot Music App Puts Your iTunes Library Into the Cloud

Apple has just approved the new mspot Music App that will lets you take your entire iTunes library and stream it from the cloud.
You can enjoy listening to the musing anywhere in just two easy steps :

Step 1 : Visit the official site  after that choose your iTune collections from your PC/Mac into your own personal music locker on the Internet. Once you've uploaded your music "into the Cloud" – you can access it anytime, anywhere from your iPhone or any PC/Mac.

Step 2 : . Download the mSpot Music app for your iPhone.

that's it you are done now, you can get it from the App Store it is free .

And all your online music will magically be there already! Throw away your USB cord and say goodbye to manual syncing – mSpot does it all auto-magically for you.

Benefits? No work. No Cables. Stream your music, without using phone storage. Get song lyrics on your phone – along
The service lets you store 2GB of music free and offers a paid plan of 40GB, enough for approximately 32,000 songs, for $3.99/month.

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