George Hotz To Jailbreak PS3 With Custom Firmware 3.55 on Homebrew With [Video]

Few days ago we launched playstation3 root keys for public.The famous hacker geo hot or george hotz not to stop hacking with ps3 and he come back with asurprise for all ps3 lovers.Geo launched new update on his site with title 'I made avideo' and this video contains an jailbroken playstation3 running on 3.55 firmware with homebrew.Enjoy the video here below.

It’s 5AM, this is homebrew. No release dates as usual.
3.55 firmware
omg omg omg omg no patching lv2
shouts to fail0verflow and psl1ght
first piece of homebrew you can run
put in service mode, put on usb stick, boot
I made a video
Last week, a small group of German hackers called fail0verflow found an exploit that could completely open up the PlayStation 3 console. Dubbed as “epic PS3 security bypass”, they found the method to calculate the security keys, which is just a Sony signature that lets the PS3 know whether the application they’re trying to open is legit, or not. (via

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