German Parliament Under iPads Mangement !

In October, we reported that the German parliament lifted the ban on tablets and announced members were allowed to replace papers with Apple’s iPad. Today, German newspaper Spiegel posted photos of iPads in action in the Bundestag, and is reporting nearly every member of the Parliament has adopted an Apple iPad. Chancellor Angela Merkel was the first one to get an iPad during her trip to California last year, and after her several others got one, which comes free of charge with refunds from the German government. Sounds like a deal.
Unsurprisingly, the iPad’s form factor seems to be the most important aspect among members of the Bundestag: the screen makes it easy to send and read emails, browse the web and quickly check on documents. According to the Spiegel, the iPad “looks like it was made for the Parliament”.
The fact that Saarland’s premier Peter Müller was spotted playing chess on his tablet during a meeting doesn’t come as a surprise either. With an iPad in your hands and access to thousands of apps, it’s hard to resist the temptation of games, like Angry Birds and well, chess. Check out more pics of happy politicians with iPads in the Parliament below.

[via macstories]
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