iPad 2 Will Run On 2048×1536 Screen Resolution !

iPad 2
We’ve heard several rumors and speculations about Retina Display coming to the second generation iPad that is expected to be launched towards the end of March or April.

MacRumors have found new graphics in iBooks application with higher resolution labelled “iPadx2”, which indicates that iPad 2 may come with a display that has twice the resolution in both directions (2048x1536) of the current iPad (1024x768). This means that iPad 2 may come with a 2048x1536 screen resolution at 260 DPI compared to current iPad’s 1024x768 screen resolution at 132 DPI.
MacRumors speculates:
Based on Apple's marketing efforts for the original "Retina" display, it would suggest a DPI (dots per inch) greater than 300 to exceed the abilities of the human eye. A more practical approach would simply be doubling the resolution of the current iPad (1024x768) to 2048x1536 at a 260 DPI. While not quite a "Retina" display, it would follow with Apple's efforts to avoid fragmenting their product line. From a developer's perspective, the doubling of an existing resolution is much easier to support. Apple similarly doubled the iPhone's resolution from 480x320 to 960x640 when they introduced the iPhone 4. Like on the iPhone 4, older apps can will simply run pixel-doubled while native apps will take advantage of the full resolution of the new screens.
MacRumors goes on to add:
The "Retina" definition is based on a specific distance the device is being held from your eye. Since an iPad display would likely be held farther from your face, it would require a lower DPI to achieve the same effect.
This probably also explains why Apple is planning to use the next generation GPU in future iOS devices and a Cortex A9-based multicore processor (to be dubbed the Apple A5) instead of the current Apple A4 processor, which is a single-core Cortex A8 processor..
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[via MacRumors

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