iPhone 4 Unlock To Be Released After Verizon iPhone Launch?

It’s been quite the last few days and people are still asking about iPhone 4 unlock on higher basebands. Look what we have found while perusing MuscleNerd’s Twitter account, the iPhone Dev Team may be waiting for Verizon iPhone’s launch next Tuesday to push their unlock to iOS users.

hishamm126: @MuscleNerd Can we conclude that the i4 unlock is ready but it’s just waiting for the untethered JB?

MuscleNerd: @hishamm126 the Verizon rumor mill is much more relevant :)
This tweet was sent by MuscleNerd in a reply to someone asking him if he’s waiting for the untethered jailbreak to be released. iPhone hacker MuscleNerd answered him saying that the time of release is more relevant to the Verizon iPhone rumors leaked yesterday.

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