KillZone 3 Full HD Game For PS3 [Video]

Guerrilla Games has promised a lot of new features for Killzone 3: support for 3D TVs and Sony's PlayStation Move controller, split-screen co-op, jetpacks, and a skyscraper-sized robot crab. Gamers will soon get the chance to judge how well the developer delivered on those promises, as Sony today announced the sci-fi first-person shooter has gone gold and will make its previously announced February 22 launch date.

Don't shoot until you see the reds of their eyes.
As the name suggests, Killzone 3 will serve as a direct sequel to 2009's critically lauded Killzone 2. In the previous title, the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance took the fight to the Helghan homeworld, where it achieved a measure of success against the Nazi-esque civilization that invaded the human colony of Vekta in the 2004 original. Now gamers will get the chance to pick back up with Sev, Rico, and the rest of their surviving squad, outgunned and outmanned by the Helghast as usual.
Killzone 3 will be available in two versions, a standard $60 release and a $130 limited edition package with a replica mask and helmet of the series' signature Helghast armies. While the headgear is the centerpiece of the extra goodies, the collector's edition will also include a 6.5-inch articulated Cloaking Helghast Marksman action figure, an art book, and a voucher to download multiplayer maps, the game's soundtrack, and more.

This video for the game:

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