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Android Honeycomb

Interested in checking out the Android 3.0 SDK?
Google has rolled out the latest Android SDK (software development kit) the software is available to everyone. Of course there probably isn't much to do with it at this point since most of us aren't App developers and don't have any Apps to load into it or test out.
Those who are interested can follow the link below and check out the SDK and an emulation of Android 3.0. Of course there probably isn't much you will be able to do with it if you're not an Android developer, but it may be fun to play around with for at least a few minutes.
Here are some of the key features according to the Android Developers blog:
Together with the new platform, we are releasing updates to our SDK Tools (r10) and ADT Plugin for Eclipse (10.0.0). Key features include:
  • UI Builder improvements in the ADT Plugin:
    • New Palette with categories and rendering previews.
    • More accurate rendering of layouts to more faithfully reflect how the layout will look on devices, including rendering status and title bars to more accurately reflect screen space actually available to applications.
    • Selection-sensitive action bars to manipulate View properties.
    • Zoom improvements (fit to view, persistent scale, keyboard access)
    • Improved support for <merge> layouts, as well as layouts with gesture overlays.
  • Traceview integration for easier profiling from ADT.
  • Tools for using the Renderscript graphics engine: the SDK tools now compiles .rs files into Java Programming Language files and native bytecode.
The operating system is designed for tablet devices, and will debut on the Motorola Xoom.
If interested.

Download the new SDK here: Android Developers Blog.

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