Enable The Animated Boot logo On Greenpois0n RC5-2 [Full Guide]

A few hours ago, We released Greenpois0n RC5 which allows us to apply an untethered jailbreak to our iOS devices running iOS 4.2.1 ( and iOS 4.1.1 ). The software was pretty buggy, so a couple of hours later they released a new update, RC5_2, which should fix all the issues but there’s one thing missing: the custom animated bootlogo. In this tutorial we’re going to show you how to enabled it.

NOTE: To apply our own custom animated bootlogos we will need an additional Cydia application which is not available at the moment. We will keep you informed. Stay tuned…

NOTE: Here’s a preview of the custom animated bootlogo in action. ( don’t mind the verbose boot )
1. Jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 ( greenpois0n tutorial )
2. Download file
3. SSH into your device, browse to /usr/bin/ and copy the file
NOTE: To SSH, we’re using Transmit. But the most popular (and free) SFTP clients are Cyberduck (Mac) and WinSCP (Windows)

custom animated bootlogo 1 HOW TO: Enable The Animated Bootlogo In Greenpois0n RC5 2
4. Change the permissions of the file to 755
custom animated bootlogo 2 HOW TO: Enable The Animated Bootlogo In Greenpois0n RC5 2
5. Reboot your device
6. Enjoy with Greenpois0n animated logo

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