iPad 2 And Expected Features

John S. Craig, part of the Yahoo! Contributor Network, collects a number of rumors and reports from the last few weeks to create a fuller overall picture of what we might come to expect from the next-generation iPad, reportedly being worked on right now.

  • More memory. Expect 512 MB or more with multi-tasking capability.
  • SD card slot with front and back cameras. The front-mounted camera should allow video conferencing, which might make iPad 2 a more viable business tool.

  • Thinner and lighter that runs iOS 4.3.
  • Similar pricing and connection possibilities to the current three options to the iPad — $499 – $829.
Possible iPad 2 options:
• Option 1 (model K93): a Wi Fi only model.
• Option 2 (model K94): a GSM/UMTS version for AT&T and most other carriers worldwide, which is expected to the most popular seller.
• Option 3 (model K95): a CDMA/EVDO model for Verizon.
Other possibilities for iPad and Apple operating systems in 2011:
iOS 5 to be announced in March and shipped in June, and the iPad 3 shipped in September and running iOS 5.1.

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