Log In To PSN Using Banned PS3 [Full Guide]

Managed to get your PS3 banned from PlayStation Network? It’s annoying right, All those Familiar demos and media could be at your finger- tips, but alas you just can’t quite reach. Well now you might be able to fix that thanks to a post over at PS3Hax.

This is confirmed to work if the error you receive when trying to access the PSN is error number 8002A227.
You’ll be needing: PS3DNS-GUI and PSID.
Sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin:
  1. Download the above mentioned required files (obviously enough).
  2. Run PS3-DNS-GUI and choose your IP and region.
  3. Go to Tools – Rewrite – PS3DNS – eth0 – Rules – Add
  4. Enter every field just as it is in the image here below. The part that says ‘original console ID’ will need the ID from the banned machine, No spaces!
  5. Change the last digit of your ID to 1.
  6. Hit OK.
  7. On your PS3 and in your network settings, enter your DNS as your PC’s IP. Turn on Proxy and enter your PCs IP as the Host and 8888 in Port.
  8. Try to log in to PSN – you should sign in fine.
  9. Open PSID and click Square. This changes your console ID to a random one.
  10. You should now be able to enter the PSN Store.
  11. Confirm that you have your original console ID in PSID.
Fingers crossed, and that should do the trick. Any problems please do visit the PS3Hax post – there are loads of comments there with people getting the method to work and helping each other through the process.

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