Woman Dies In iPhone Robbery !

A thief fleeing with an iPhone pushed a woman to her death down a flight of metro stairs in Chicago.
At rush hour on Monday, a man snatched an iPhone from a woman who was using it at Fullerton station platform in the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

As he ran off, the man knocked over Sally Katona-King, 68, on her way home from her church receptionist’s job.

Katona-King died yesterday after tumbling down the station stairs. Hospital officials believe that she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage.
“It’s a worldwide problem where iPhones are being taken, resold to fences, which are then resold for a higher price,” detective Cmdr. Gary Yamashiroya said. 'It’s something that police departments across the country are trying to find solutions to.'

Police haven't located the perp, though they hope video surveillance footage will help lead them to him.

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