Greenpois0n RC7 To Jailbreak iPad 2 Soon

Many people of us have iPad 2 in pockets but till now we didn't find real jailbreak for it  I know that most of you are waiting for greenpois0n RC 7 to jailbreak iPad 2
with truth It is not ready yet but we have some great progress done by our great hackers in Chronic Dev Team on finding iPad 2 exploits.

iPhone hacker p0sixninja has announced on his Twitter account that they  have made a lot of progress in the past few days but they're still working on dumping iPad 2 Boot Rom. This indicates that GreenPoison RC7 will be released very soon to jailbreak the newly released iPad 2.

Also what we have noticed that p0sixinja has its own iPad 2 jailbroken thanks to Comex's jailbreak. So this means that they are in the final touches to get iPad 2 jailbroken for normal users.

Download Greenpoison RC 5       For iOS 4.2.1 [Guide]

Download Greenpois0n RC 6.1    For iOS 4.2.1

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