UltraSn0w, Signal Bar Issues After iOS 4.3.1 Jailbreak Fixed

Do you have problem with signal bar after jailbreak 4.3.1? Do you still wait ultrasn0w fix to update to iOS 4.3.1?  Well, MuscleNerd has announced that
dev-team has successfully managed to fix ultrasn0w , signal bar and more to work on iPhone 4, 3GS after jailbreaking iOS 4.3.1. All issues will be fixed via a new update on ultrasn0w (Not Redsn0w update). Dev-team will release the new update within few days after testing all devices

MuscleNerd: The 4.3.1 issues (signal bars, etc) are fixed http://is.gd/OYktXf but need a few days to test all devices + FW (again: not a new unlock!)
Note: this is not a new unlock, it's only update to ultrasn0w to work on iOS 4.3.1 for the unlockable basebands. (Not supported basebands : 2.10.04 / 3.10.01 / 4.10.01)

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