How To Get Old Style Of Chat On Facebook

When Mark Zuckerberg said that he has "Something awesome" event we have seen too many features came to Facebook like video calling chat powered by Skype and social networks, the last feature was renewing the chat sidebar which appear the offline and online
 friends which too many Facebook users didn't like this feature, so what should you do if you want to get your old style Facebook chat back ? I have got two easy ways to bring only online friends to your chat, here's how :

The first way is very simple : only visit this link : "" by visiting this link you will be able to see only online friends on your chat sidebar, very simple right ?

The second way is for Google Chrome users : If Google’s browser is your particular bag, then you can install a FB Chat extension called Fix the New Facebook Chat that basically keeps the same styling as the new sidebar, but hides all the offline contacts.
Out of frustration of the new facebook chat system, you know – the one that shows offline contacts jumbled up awkwardly with online and Idle contacts – I decided to create an extension to hide all the offline contacts to have a simplified interface which will show only Online and Idle contacts side-by-side, similar to the old interface, with the added bonus of the new search function and multi-person chat function!
Now you can enjoy your old style Facebook chat, the last two things I want Facebook to do is to get old chat style and improve Facebook App chat.

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