How To Jailbreak iPhone 5 !

If you were asked how to jailbreak iPhone 5, what will be your answer? This question will be one of the major Frequently-Asked-Questions after Apple releasing the
 long overdue iPhone 5. Based on all recent rumors that iPhone 5 will be available for us by September 2011. But let's know what is the accurate meaning of jailbreaking iPhone 5  after the break.

Jailbreak iPhone 5

Reasons to Jailbreak iPhone 5 ?

Jailbreak iPhone 5 will install the second biggest App store after Apple's official App store. Jailbreak iPhone 5 will install Cydia that will improve performance and functionality of your iPhone 5. Cydia actually adds unique flavor to our iDevices and this will be the case with the upcoming iPhone 5. Obviously Apple has already added more than 200 new features in iOS 5 in last WWDC 2011 but still we can't give up Cydia as it loaded with tons of Apps, games, themes, tweaks and more. The below 2 videos will show you reasons to jailbreak iPhone 5 and will show you some of amazing Cydia tweaks as well.

Will iPhone 5 jailbreak be easy ?

Jailbreaking iPhone 5 won't be an easy task for iPhone hackers the next few weeks. Why jailbreak iPhone 5 task is difficult ! ? As we told you earlier that Apple intend to supply iPhone 5 with A5 dual-core processor which is already exist in iPad 2. From here we can say that jailbreak iPhone 5 is not easy, the only exploit found to jailbreak iPad 2 was a userland exploit which took more than 1 year to develop by Comex to build JailbreakMe 3.0, but unfortunately, Apple came simply and patched it on iOS 4.3.4 firmware update after 10 days only.

To get long lifetime iPhone 5 jailbreak, we need bootrom exploit as founded last year by Geohot the well-know iPhone hacker, Geohot has discovered limera1n bootrom exploit on October 2010. Limera1n exploit was a hardware exploit. Apple couldn't patch this exploit unless they upgrade devices' hardware. This was exactly what happened in iPad 2 and make it very difficult to jailbreak. Our conclusion that jailbreak iPhone 5 will take some time. So far and from our background of jailbreak scene, the only hacker that will be able to jailbreak iPhone 5 with a bootrom exploit is Geohot. We all missing him.

How to jailbreak iPhone 5:

In case of one of hackers able to discover an exploit, jailbreak iPhone 5 will be throw one of the existing jailbreak tools but with changing the exploit they based on. Geohot was behind blackra1n and limera1n but he still have , do you think this will be the upcoming jailbreak iPhone 5 ? Anyway, if any hacker succeeded to find an exploit to jailbreak iPhone 5 then all current jailbreak tools (Sn0wbreeze, Redsn0w, Pwnagetool) will be updated to jailbreak iPhone 5. Let's wait and see what will be the accurate scenario after releasing iPhone 5. You have to know that this post will be updated frequently to show you how to jailbreak iPhone 5.

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