How To Log in To Without Developer Account

Few days ago Apple has launched iCloud web apps in beta version for developers only and so almost users didn't enjoy this feature but only developers, but now you can enjoy this feature without developer account Today we have got a new and easy trick that let you use all the web apps even if you don’t have access: in fact, even if you don’t have an Apple ID.
As you can see in the picture above you will be requested to enter "Apple ID" and "Password" and you willn't be able to access iCloud web app and a message appear saying these :

While this method won’t actually let you use the iCloud apps, it will let you get past that pesky login screen. Why? To impress your friends, I guess, make them think that you have super iCloud powers. Yet, this trick requires no super powers at all, just some JavaScript code and a browser.

Step 1: Point the browser of your choice, preferably one based on WebKit such as Safari or Chrome, and point it to

Step 2: Now you’re going to “right-click” on any empty space on the iCloud page and then click on “Inspect Element”, then click on “Console” and paste in the following:

javascript:CloudOS.statechart.gotoState("active.springboard") then hit enter.
Now you will be able to use web apps.

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