Download MyPark App To Find Your Car In A Crowded Parking

Are you bored with seeking your car in over crowded parking. We face this trouble every day. Don't worry now your iPhone will help you to locate your car with myPark app for iPhone that will help you to track location of your car.

Simply start myPark, tap the car icon and start walking. The app will track your movements from your car to work, you next appointment or in an unfamiliar suburb AND tell you how long it will take you to walk back to you car. All this for the price of a cup of coffee

myPark Features :
Not only will the app track your movements and walking time, you can also add any of the following reminders to help you find your car again and avoid those expensive parking tickets:

1 - Short text description of the location of your car
2 - Take a photo of your car and it's surroundings
3 - Set a parking time
  • All Day
  • Fixed Time (car parks)
  • Parking Meter (hours and minutes)
4 - Select the color of, and level in a car park
5 - Record a short audio note

The app uses a built in map. No more opening and closing the app to see where your car is parked in "Maps"

Download My Park App For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad From iTunes ( $0.99 )

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