How To Install Windows 8 With USB [Guide]

You might need to install windows 8 with your USB Well, We reported you that Microsoft has released Windows 8 Developers version for all users and not limited for developers. The guys over Technobolt has made an interesting tutorial that shows you how to install Windows 8 using USB.

Before installing Windows 8 using USB:

Requirement :
  • Download Windows 8 ISO [Developer]
  • Download Windows 7 USB / DVD [Official Microsoft tool for creating bootable DVD or USB device for Windows 8]

How to Install Windows 8 Using USB [Guide] :

Step 1: Install Window 7 USB/DVD tool and open it, Browse the Windows 8 ISO which you downloaded earlier and click next.

Step 2: In the second step select USB in creating bootable image.

Step 3: Plug in USB and browse the USB as shown in picture below to create bootable Windows 8 drive, now click begin copying:

Step 4: That’s it Windows 8 files will now be copy to usb in the form of bootable image.

Step 5: Now simply restart your computer and boot the computer via USB drive to begin installation of Windows 8.

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