How To Prevent Your iDevice USB / Charging Cable From Damage [Video]

Most of us suffering from USB cable damage due to bad usage, but now we provide you with the solution for this problem, After the jump we will show you a familiar photo that shows damaged usb / charging cable then I will show you how to protect it with an easy way.

If you weren't eager while using iPhone USB / charging cable and pull it violently, the situation will end with you as above.

Solution is pretty easy and only costs you $8. The solution will protect your USB / Charging cable from damage and give your device cool look at the same time.
This product is called MySaver, it's pretty simple idea but it's effective. The producer of MySaver introducing two products, the first on is to protect the original Apple's cable and the other one is being sold with cable and ready for use. MySaver is available in several colors. Finally this work with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Buy the protected parts with shipping for $12 
Buy the protected parts in addition to the cable for $25

Note: Original Apple cable is being sold for $19 

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