iPhone 5 Will Be Unique Design According To It's Case [ScreenShots]

During the last few weeks we posted many articles about iPhone 5 cases that suggest thinner and wider device than iPhone 4, but those cases has been leaked from relatively low-profile Asian suppliers. Today, BGR noted that large U.S. companies such as Case-Mate published some pictures of their own iPhone 5 cases.

These above cases refer to the new significant design for iPhone 5. Wow this will be crazy new awesome design.
Case-Mate has published a page on its website with six different case designs for the new iPhone 5, and we’re loving the radical new body shown in the images. We’ve heard tons of speculation that the iPhone 5 will be thinner and lighter than the current model and these cases suggest it will have tapered edges and a slim profile as well. Finally, the images appear to an aluminum back on the fifth-generation iPhone, which also jibes with earlier reports.

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