Why New Facebook Is Undesirable ?

Do you think that new facebook is familiar ? Do you like the new timeline ? do you prefer the old one ? , all this question has been asked to Facebook users and a lot of them see the new Facebook doesn’t seem to be attractive one . These changes lead many Facebook users to ask what is the
aim of these changes , the answer in my opinion is just want to attract people for Facebook in the competition with Google+ .In this post we show a a comic from Mashable’s own editor in chief Lance Ulanoff .
facebook-comic0lance    Here’s a comic from Mashable’s own editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff, accurately expressing the way many Facebook users are feeling this week.
The new change in Facebook wasn't desirable this time at all for almost users.  Most of Facebook users confirmed that they need the older Facebook 

So Let's wait and see what will be the new change. 


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