Best Costumes For Halloween

Well let's check the following Tech-Themed costumes for Halloween after the jump.

Angry Birds

The Clock Bloggers had earned such praise for their Angry Birds costumes that they blogged an instructional post for other bird-crazy fans sure to take advantage this Halloween.

Functioning Camera

Tyler Card built a working Nikon camera costume, featuring LCD display, built-in flash, and shutter-release button. See how he made it here.

"As of last Sunday I had no idea what to be for Halloween, and with only about a week to decide before the first costume party I planned to attend, I started getting desperate," says Card. "I didn't plan on the costume being so functional and detailed, but as I built it, the ideas started coming, and when I get involved with something, I tend to go over the top.

"The most difficult part of making the costume was actually just cutting a circular piece of plexi-glass for the lens without the proper tools. And getting the damn thing on and off requires a little help [laughs]."

Ms. Pac-Man & Blinky the Red Ghost

"My boyfriend and I wanted to have costumes that went together but wasn't necessarily a "couples costume,'" says Ms. Pac-Man, aka Megan Messenger.

"The idea of Pac-Man and Ghosty seemed like the perfect idea, especially since Pac-Man is one of the few video games I can actually play. Everyone got a real kick out of our costumes, especially when Ghosty chased Pac-Man down the street -- 'Wakka wakka wakka.'"

John Savio has made three of these iPhone costumes, one of which he sold for $5,200!

The costume is primarily made of wood, fiberglass and the latest LED flatscreen, which is what makes it so expensive, Savio says. "It's basically an ice cream sandwich, and I am the ice cream."

The screen connects to a real iPhone and displays the phone's capabilities, but doesn't feature touchscreen technology, unfortunately.

When asked what inspired him to make such a rad iPhone costume, the former Apple employee replied, "It's a love for Apple products."

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