Dag Kittlaus The Siri Co Founder Has Left Apple [Video]

Well, reliable info confirms that Dag Kittlaus the Siri co founder has left Apple in a big surprise . Dag Kittlaus has spent a lot of time in Siri voice recognition assistant feature in iPhone 4S which has made a revolution in the world of smart phones as it was totally creative and impressed the world , we think it is the only feature which made the difference this year.

There were several reasons for the departure, which was amicable and has been planned for a while, sources said. They included Kittlaus’ family being in Chicago, a desire to take time off and an interest in brainstorming new entrepreneurial ideas.
Kittlaus has led the speech recognition efforts for Apple since it bought Siri in April of 2010. He had been Siri’s CEO since 2007. Before that, the Norwegian-born Kittlaus was an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Stanford Research Institute and had also worked at Motorola.
This is a video which introducing Siri :

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