How To Fix Crashing Issue On iBook After Jailbreaking Your iDevice On iOS 5

Well, A lot of our fans have reported us that they jailbroke their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad on iOS 5 successfully but they found a crashing issue with iBook on their devices after jailbreaking iOS 5. We noted that problem and here is the solution for this issue in easy steps but keep reading...

How To Fix Crashing Issue With iBooks After Jailbroking iOS 5 :

Step 1: Uninstall iBooks and then reinstall it. Don't launch app after it finishes downloading.  

Step 2: Launch iFile. You can get it from Cydia if you don't already have it.

Step 3: Copy from here: /var/mobile/Applications/iBooksFolder/ to here: /Applications.

Step 4: Tap /Applications/ and open it in property list editor. Tap on CFBundleIdentifier and rename to

Step 5: Close iFile and respring your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Step 6: After respring there will be two iBooks icons on Home screen. Uninstall the one with rounded corners and keep one that has a square icon.

Do keep in mind that after this procedure you will not be able to purchase books from the iBooks store or transfer your existing purchases from iTunes. You will have to manually sync you books to your device so that they can be read using iBooks app.

How To Transfer Your Books To iBooks App Manually :

Open iFile and tap the WiFi button on the bottom. Launch any web browser on your computer and enter this address: http://iphone.local:10000/.  Then navigate to var/mobile/Documents. Clicking on Choose File will enable you to upload the books you want to, the format for these books is .epub. Simply upload your .epub files from here and then go to the var/mobile/Documents path from iFile on your jailbroken device. Here, tapping on the .epub files that you just uploaded will open the relevant book in the and now iBooks on your jailbroken iOS 5 device will not crash.


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