iOS 5 Unlock With Ultrasn0w Coming Soon To Unlock iPhone 4 And iPhone 3GS

Well, MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev team has announced that any user who is running iOS 4.x.x or lower where ultrasn0w is work will be able to unlock his iPhone 4 or 3GS on iOS 5 after the Dev team makes some updates on ultrasn0w. He announced that on his twitter account as shown in the following image after the jump.

This is not a new unlock for higher basbands. Ultrasn0w will be updated to work with iOS 5 to unlock the already unlockable basebands.

Supported basebands:
01.59.00 - 04.26.08 - 05.11.07 - 05.12.01 - 05.13.04 - 06.15.00

Unsupported basebands :
02.10.04 - 03.10.01 - 04.10.01 - 05.14.02 - 05.15.04 - 05.16.02

So MuscleNerd the guy over dev-team announced that iOS 5 unlock with ultrasn0w coming soon.

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