iPad 2 And iPhone 4S Jailbreak On iOS 5 Done With Video

It is confirmed that iOS 5 jailbreak has successfully done to jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2. This issue is one of the very important issues which occupied our minds these days. MuscleNerd the well known developer and hacker over iPhone Dev-Team has launched a video which shows how to jailbreak iPad 2 on iOS 5. Let's see the video after the jump.

How to Jailbreak iPad 2 Running On iOS 5  [Video] :


MucleNerd of iPhone Dev-Team has confirmed on Twitter account that iPhone 4S jailbreak on iOS 5 is similar to iPad 2 Jailbreak on iOS 5. So the good news for iPhone 4S users that iPhone 4S jailbreak on iOS 5 has the same progress in the above embedded video.

Jailbreak iPhone 4S And iPad 2 With iOS 5 ETA (Estimate To Arrival) :

Jailbreak iPad 2 and iPhone 4S on iOS 5 has no estimate release date so far as the above video still in very preliminary jailbreak status and lots of hurdles remain.
Stay tuned with us we will report you with any updates 

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