Siri Assistant ( iPhone 4S ) VS. Google Rivals ( Android ) With Video

In the video here below there is a competition between Siri assistant feature and Google rivals. This video puts Google voice assistant application against Siri assistant feature which will be not fair competition in our opinion but may be logical in the future if Google will add more improvements to the application.


Matt Warman and Shane Richmond from British broadsheet The Telegraph have put Apple’s new Siri assistant up against Google’s voice control featured in its Android rivals. As you can see from the video , Siri seems to be significantly more intelligent than its Android rival when it comes to answering questions, sourcing information, and completing tasks.
When asked, “Will it rain tomorrow?”, Siri was able to provide a five-day weather forecast based on the location of the iPhone 4S. The Android device, on the other hand, could only do a Google search for “Will it rain tomorrow?” and couldn’t actually provide the user with a simple answer.
Here is the video :

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