Unlocked iPhone 4S Appears In USA

Well, Apple has started shipping unlocked iPhone 4S. Previously Apple determined October 4th the date of releasing iPhone 4S but according to following info it is not true but after the jump.

According to 9to5mac :
Although Apple says that they will begin selling unlocked, contract-free iPhone 4S units in the United States in November, we have learned otherwise. Select Apple Stores in the United States have begun selling contract-free versions of the iPhone 4S, which our friend Steven Troughton-Smith was able to both verify and purchase.
The contract-free iPhone 4S can be activated  by connect it into iTunes , you will see the above message and you are not locked any more. This unlocked iPhone 4S include AT&T SIM card but you can remove it.
Unlocked iPhone 4S prices are  :
$649 for 16GB
$749 for 32GB
$849 for 64GB

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