He's Back! Tamagochi Classic Win Version For Apple Watch

The Bandai Games, games division of Chinese toy manufacturer, launched on Monday, 27, a version of the classic Tamagochi for Apple Watch, that same bug you probably played (and killed many pets) in the 90s with the idea that intelligent apple clock can help recalling the old days, the game brings a classic version that will take players on a old school to high school tour.

The toy had about 80 million units sold worldwide was very simple and made her children and even teenagers to begin to care for a virtual pet, and to help him to feed, to clean and play with it for the animal to be happy.

The game was already available for iOS devices and your latest update takes you straight to the Watch. The cool thing is that when your pet needs you, he will call you by your watch with a simple notification. In addition, the status of your pet will also be available on the Watch screen, ensuring that you do not kill him of hunger or boredom.

You can buy the game directly from the App Store for US $ 0.99. Tamagochi brings two distinct modes: Toy Mode, classic version of the game and App Mode, which has been refurbished (color) but with the same features.

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