Tattoos On The Wrist? The Apple Watch Does Not Work ...

Bad news for Apple fans with tattoos: the Apple Watch may have some problems in monitoring your physical activities and receive notifications. Start the tattoo-gate?

Several users with tattoos on her wrist had problems operating the Apple Watch for monitoring the health and physical activities. The system created by Apple in fact emits a series of infrared LED lights to monitor the heart rate, but the tattoos on the wrist create problems detection.

Bad news for those who may have spent five to six hundred dollars, only to find that the device is malfunctioning in one of its most important features. In addition, the device does not receive notification until it is moved to an area free from tattoos or not deactivated the pulse detection, it is not perceived as the skin contact required to activate these functions.

In short, if you have tattoos on the wrist it is better to try to right the device before buying it

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