User Tests Steel Version Of Apple Watch To See If The Screen Is Really Crystal Sapphire [video]

On April 10 Apple released the pre-sales of Apple Watch ultimately consumers were able to book their versions of the smart watch. The company has already started sending some production issues, first the simplest versions such as Apple Watch Sport. According to information, the apple has set aside more than 1.7 million device units and 22% of them have been delivered to buyers.

Precisely why there are many people testing the device, some even made extreme tests of endurance. As a boy he was leaving the unit falling from a common point, only the first fall the smart watch screen broke completely. Another video is testing the device, but this time to find out if the screen more expensive version of the device is actually made of sapphire.

The Urban Therapy YouTube channel produced an extremely interesting video with steel version of Apple Watch, confirming the fans that the material used in the device's screen really is sapphire crystal. Unlike the simple version of the smart watch, which uses the "Ion-X", only one glass that is stronger than usual.

In the video you use a device that can identify the sapphire screen, it tests with other brand watches and an iPhone 6, and then with the version of Apple Watch steel, confirming what many fans had not believed.

The test result confirms that Apple can actually charge a little more for the version with clock sapphire, as the screen makes the device much tougher than the version with display "Ion-X". But there is a big problem about it, the LCD screen is much more sensitive to light and reflects much more than the common version of the glass. Ie users who use in very bright light should certainly prefer the Sport version.

"Sapphire is the second strongest transparent material in the world after diamond. This is why we choose it to Apple Watch ... Only the purest, clearest and strongest sapphire crystal is harvested. To ensure a precise fit, the crystal is cut using a diamond encrusted wire "was published in Apple Watch page.

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