American made Apple Watch round with a grinding machine and a drill [video]

Apple calls the smart brand watch the most personal ever created by devices equipped with a new and unique technology and "advanced interface with great design", which was created in compliance with the best traditions of watch manufacturers. However, not all agree with the statement kupertinovtsy, at least the part that deals with the design.

Many are unhappy with the appearance of Apple Watch and provoked the most questions form the gadget. Hours turned rectangular. Angered PeripateticPandas blogger decided to eliminate this disadvantage Apple Watch. Correct "defect" devices must grinder and drill. The modification of the electronic bracelet American recorded on video.

"We like the functionality of Apple Watch, but we thought that the design of the gadget can be finalized," - said an enthusiast before to proceed with the tuning.

PeripateticPandas not the first who has puzzled design Apple Watch. Previously, Korean artist with the nickname Alcion-uxui showed renderings, which made adjustments to the original model. The device has a round body, it becomes thinner and more elegant. Many users thought this design is more interesting than the original version.

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