Apple Watch Against Liquid Nitrogen And Hydrogen Explosion (video)

The other day, Richard Ryan, the owner of a channel on YouTube FullMag successfully shot the new Apple Watch a sniper rifle 50 caliber. It is unlikely that this met with approval from the users and not had time to selling the first batch of smart hours.

In order to completely drive them into depression unlucky users, Ryan posted two clips in which he subtly destroying a couple of new devices.

In the first video Apple Watch thrown into a vessel filled with liquid nitrogen to then break device with a sledgehammer.

Method unoriginal - we have repeatedly seen in this way as the iPhone transformed the workers into a small pile of debris. However, the "apple" Watch this way destroyed the first time.

In the second video the author connects the imagination and arranges a hydrogen explosion. After simple manipulations familiar to each of the basic course of chemistry and physics, Ryan injects hydrogen in a specially-prepared bag and down to watch. This is followed by several explosions, which, nevertheless, seem to be anything in particular, and not hurt Apple Watch. However, the author does not comment on their performance after this experience.

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