Apple Watch connector can support battery-shaped bracelet

Because Apple has not detailed its first smart watch the presentation in the second half of 2014, several doubts about Watch remained a mystery until last month, at which time the wearable gadget went on pre-sale in Cupertino giant's website.

The presence of one six-pin "hidden" connector on the small device structure, which had been quoted above, has recently been confirmed in one of the retailers in the US brand. Although its function is still unclear, it is possible that such a connection is able to increase the time in which the electronic pulse can stay away from electrical outlets.

According to a manufacturer of accessories, book Strap, the six-pin connector could be connected to a battery-shaped bracelet, promoting greater autonomy to Apple Watch. Thus, the material that surrounds the user arm would be a little thicker than usual, but contain about 400 milliamps to complete the 205 milliamps native miniature device with a stamped apple in your body. If there is indeed the possibility to enjoy the available entry smartwatch, the producer responsible for the information wants to be among the first to launch its own model.

External battery concept shaped bracelet capable of being connected to the input "hidden" in Apple Watch, propelling the time the smart watch can be taken away from

Including, as is noted in the photo gallery above, Book Strap created conceptual images of a battery in the specific format for the smart bracelet watch with the modification of the iOS. However, considering that Apple chose to hide the connector on your brand new smart accessory, it is speculated that it abhors such paraphernalia in their product, showing warnings of danger and caution when the external battery is connected to the wearable gadget, as we have It does when consumers use unlicensed accessories on their iPhones, iPads and Macs.

Wanting to circumvent the protection by Apple inserted into the connector, Book Strap says it will send the necessary tools to "figure it out" to allow the entry wristband. Unfortunately, the price of future releases from the manufacturer to the small device was not revealed, even if such products come to see the light of day, since there are high chances of the Cupertino giant take appropriate legal action if it decides not allow free access to six-pin connector. Let's wait and watch the outcome of the situation before joining money to buy an external battery to Apple Watch.

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