Children unexpected reactions with Apple Watch in "Kid React" (Video)

Now that is the Apple Watch in stores in some countries, it is worth seeing the reaction of some children from the first SmartWatch Apple called "digital natives" who have come to a world full of technology in all areas of life.

For them face a new technological device, however advanced it may be, is an entirely different experience as you would an adult. But let's see if Apple has created a SmartWatch available to any age and if a child is able to appreciate its benefits.

I do not see YouTube!This is useless!

The "Kids React" program faces kids to different things and different technologies, in some cases, obsolete objects from the past, to see the reaction of children to that situation. The reactions can be most unpredictable and some really funny.

But this time they have chosen to deliver the Apple Watch some children and watch their reactions. To some it seems an invention from the future, as Devyn of only eleven years or other children is astonished and even a bit disappointed to see that we need a iPhone 5 or higher to use Apple SmartWatch.

"It's a bit disappointing to have to use anything other than to make it work." Tyler says ten years in the video.

But as you begin to play with Apple Watch and see it working, they find features such as time, calendar, applications and games. Although not all children are equally excited to show the list of applications you have available the clock.

"I do not see YouTube!It is useless! "Says Sydney only seven years in the video.

Although YouTube recently launched a version for children, it seems to have forgotten to make an appearance in the Watch, at least for now and Sydney is very surprised by it. Another surprising aspect is when options calls or text messages are displayed with the SmartWatch, not all children will find these functions useful.

"You look like a spy talking only with the clock walking down the street." Dash says ten years.

Without further ado we leave you with the video in question, where you can see these and other reactions of children to show the Apple Watch. Some of them know quite well recognized around the clock view.

At least we can see that Apple has managed to publish his first SmartWatch enough, given the enthusiasm shown by some of the children to see first the clock. We have known this fun and funny video by Cnet.

Although many of his now famous videos like the hilarious reaction to a VCR, a phone from before the dial the number with the wheel Do you remember ?, cassette player or a server that has more likes the handheld console the Nintendo Game Boy, I leave you then as a "Bonus".

How about the reactions of children to the Apple Watch? Some of them are quite sincere truth.

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