Facebook may launch new feature to compete with buying and selling sites

The internet is a great choice for all people who want to sell products, or in specialty stores, or classified sites to style. Facebook also wants to compete with these services, so there is some time launched an option of "sales" directly on the social network.

Unfortunately, this possibility only sell appears in the groups of Facebook, some created just for the purpose of buying and selling. Apparently the social network is adding a new feature to users who participate in this group, with it you can view all products sold directly from your homepage.

Facebook is testing the "all sales groups" , showing several products being sold between all the groups you belong to. With the supposed new feature is also possible to search for something specific, users can even filter the results based on categories.

According to The Next Web information, the feature is still being tested in beta. No information on the choice of Facebook by users, that is, if anyone is getting the news, or just selected users who often participate in various style groups were invited. It's probably the latter.

Certainly Mark Zuckerberg's company is trying to expand the sectors within the social network, and thus compete with other market competitors. For some time that Facebook began to compete with YouTube, just to information emerged indicating that currently the network displays four billion videos daily. That is, the competition can be also increasing for the buying and selling market.

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