Hacker publishes a video showing browser running on an Apple Watch

While Apple Watch is able to control almost fully a Tesla Model S, one of the basic things that some sites like idownloadblog, listed as desirable to make the clock of Apple, it is to explore the web through a browser. This would only be possible with jailbreak and, for some users, a browser on the wrist could even be useful to take a few basic features such as a quick Google search, for example.

As much as it might seem without much meaning, a famous hacker who performs jailbreak, Comex, it seems to have been interested in browsing through the small clock screen. So much so that he dedicated a few hours developing a way to make it happen. In a video, it shows the partially functional browser on an Apple Watch.


For the demonstration, the application seems very limited and perhaps not there much pretension to become a really a project. But at least it's already an indication that you can create something along those lines, if they really are interested enough users for someone to develop a full browser for Apple Watch. It further shows that possibly we shall see, soon, a lot of buzz in jailbreak for the device.

What the reader think? Would use a browser on the wrist to access some sites in the street or during breaks of the exercises?

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