In 2018, gaming industry can become more profitable in the Android and Google can finally overcome the iOS

Android is an operating system much more accessible to users than iOS, since the platform is only available for Apple's own devices, they are not very cheap. So there are many more users using the Google system, and consequently more people taking advantage of applications. This is one of the apps in the market grounds continues growing steadily, and the new numbers confirm the information.

For some time that Android is leading in the application of the mobile device market, but that does not mean that Google makes more money. There bastamte time iOS makes more money with your apps, even with the giant platform in front. However, it may be time to change this situation.

According to new information from Digi-Capital, and the number of applications purchased is greater on Android, Google's platform revenue will also be higher from 2018. The increase will be significant mainly by the inclusion of China in the market, since currently the Asian country does not harbor the Google Play Store.

The analyst firm believes that the public will spend about $ 45 billion gaming market for mobile devices in 2018, is an extremely high value and important for people who develop games for smart phones and Android tablets.

Despite the significant increase in revenue from applications sold in the Play Store, Google just will not touch the money raised in the country, since most of the great and most popular apps are not the company. Nevertheless, join all the numbers that the Android store will reach by 2018, the company will pass Apple easily.

"In 2018, the App Store should continue having the highest revenue of the gaming industry for mobile than any other app store devices, however, revenue from all Android stores together can pass the iOS. In other words, Android will let developers richer games that iOS ", the founder of Digi-Capital, Tim Merel.

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