In Europe, good amount of Android users have converted to iPhone

Apple and Google are already competing for a long time in the mobile device market, despite the giant number of internet be higher, there are more fans of Apple scattered around the world. Most often the preference of users by Apple is simply no fault of powerful hardware, the competition is mainly between the Android and iOS.

With the release of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last year, Apple has further increased its number of users around the world. The company broke several records, and even managed to overcome some Samsung numbers.

For a while, Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, boasted a few times, saying that most users of the new generation iPhone are former owners of Android devices. Nevertheless, it was not released any report or any information, official about what Cook was claiming.

Kantar WorldPanel just reveal some statistics for the first quarter of 2015 in Europe, and indeed Cook was right. According to the figures, about 33% of units buyers iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users were once owners of the Android platform devices. The company did not say which were the main reasons users exchange their devices with new smartphones from Apple.

There is no officially confirm, since statistics refer only to Europe, but we can consider that part of the growth of the new generation of Apple devices is for Android users of guilt.

Some are considering that this number is also blames the exchange program that Apple began performing recently. Nevertheless, the quarter ends at the end of March and at that time the company had just launched the initiative.

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