Presented concept iPhone 7 Edge with curved screen [video]

The latest rumors about the next generation iPhone are quite contradictory. Some sources report that Apple is only slightly changed the design of smart phones, but focus more on the hardware. Others are convinced that the new iPhone will be a product created "from scratch". Whatever it was, the designers have their own idea and concept creators of Hasan Kaymak Innovations decided to make his vision of iPhone 7 users.

The video was posted on the YouTube page, the studio is taken as a basis the current design of iPhone 6, but the greatest interest here is display. So, in this concept, we can imagine how, in practice, the idea can be implemented flexible display. The principal difference between iPhone 7 Edge from its predecessor is now at the edge of the housing are bent on both sides. Such method is widely used in the line of their smartphones Samsung.

As conceived by the designer on the face of the display formed by bending the iPhone can display additional information such as the weather, or SMS text messages from social networks. The thickness of the smartphone does not exceed 6 mm.

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